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Belemnopsis tanganensis (3)

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Origin : Madagascar

Geological era : Late Jurassic (Oxfordian)

Age : 160 million of years

Size : 11.2 gr - mm 61 x 11 x 10

fossil belemnite, 11.2 gr - mm 61 x 11 x 10.
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The belemnites are organisms, today exclusively fossil, which appeared during the Triassic Period (225 to 190 million years ago) and extinct in the Cretaceous (135 million to 65 million years ago). They were marine cephalopods, distant relatives of octopuses, cuttlefish and squids, characterized by an inner shell, the only part that has been fossilized.  In the shell you are 3 parts: the proostracus (horny lamina covered with aragonite and rarely preserved), extends dorsally in fragmoconous (cone pointed, curved and composed of aragonite) that fits in the rostrum (cylindrical-conical, very robust and composed of calcite), which is more easily fossilized. This genus has a typically cylindrical rostrum of 5-10 cm, with a deep groove along the length. The belemnites, carnivorous, perhaps similar to the squid, fed on crustaceans and fish, and probably lived in groups.

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