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Fossil Leaf mm 154 (9)

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Origin : France

Geological era : Middle Eocene (Lutetian)

Age : 45 million of years

Size : mm 154 x 100 x 26

Fossil Leaf Miocene matrix mm 154 x 100 x 26 - gr 484 - Leaf mm 70. Only a piece, as in pictures.

Paleobotany, from Greek Paleon = old  and Botanikos = botanist, is the discipline that deals with the study of algae and plant fossils present in sediments, and is a branch of paleontology. It is essential for the reconstruction of ancestral ecosystems and for studies on the evolution of plants, as well as being a valid support to research on climate change. To identify various kinds of plant remains, incorporates several sub-disciplines: antracology, analysis of phytoliths, leaves and cuticles, paleocarpology, palynology. A closely related science is palynology, the study of pollen and spores present and fossils.
Paleobotany is important for the reconstruction of ecosystems and fossil climates and is fundamental to the study of evolution of plants. Investigations with such ecological approaches focus on changes in the vegetation (in relation to climate and environmental situation).
In the early work conducted by botanists of ancient plant material, has given special attention to the development of species over time and space. It is taken into account the regional distribution of plants or their appearance and become extinct in the different phytogeographical contexts.

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