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five Naturalistic Books (published by Mondadori and Vallardi) of scientific argumentation (Malacology, Entomology and Zoology), ideal for young people who engage with the study of the natural sciences and Biology.
The lot consists of the following volumes, as in the picture:

Conchiglie, A. Fulvo, R. Nistri - ed. Mondadori
cm 19.5 x 14.5 - pages 256
Italian language. All the secrets of these fascinating marine mollusks that live on our planet hundreds of millions of years, in a comprehensive  and searchable guide full of useful information about how to find them, recognize them and collect them. 350 illustrated cards describe the different species, from most common to the rarest, with knowledge of ecology, biological and morphological characteristics, details of the shells, curiosities and box depth. Complete them a comprehensive introduction on the main groups and their living environment and an accurate map that indicates the geographical distribution.

Insetti e aracnidi (con CD ROM) - ed. Mondadori
cm 16.5 x 10.5 - pages 120
Italian language, coloured minibook, with many notes on insects and arachnids, their habitat, customs, hunting, defences, etc. CD-ROM included is right for all computer (Mcintosh or PC), with 100 images of animals in the book.

Mammiferi, Helga Hofmann - ed. Mondadori
cm 18 x 10.5 - pages 255
Italian language. A practical and full guide of features, habits and peculiarities of Mammals living in the wild in Europe. Pocket-sized, plastic binding, suitable while hiking in nature. It contains 225 color photographs and 180 drawings to recognize, using tabs sorted by colors, poses, traits, behaviors, footprints and burrows of various species.

Squali, Piero e Alberto Angela - ed. Mondadori
cm 27 x 27 - pages 140
Italian language. In the collective imagination, the shark is, by definition, the wild animal, the ruthless predator. But the reality of this species is quite mixed: there are, of course, dangerous species, such as the white shark, the only one for which, strictly speaking, you can use the term "dogfish", but there are many harmless sharks and even victims of man to the point that, today, there is the serious problem of their preservation. This book, with images of unexpected strength, help us close encounter with the enemy to defend.

Guida per riconoscere i pesci d'acquario, Gwynne Vevers - ed. A.Vallardi

cm 19.5 x 9.5 - pages 180
A pocket guide to over 300 saltwater and freshwater fish, ideal for hobbyists: beginners or experts. Every accurate description of each specimen, beautifully illustrated, is accompanied by a comprehensive introduction on what fans of this hobby ought to know.

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