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Siroccopteryx moroccensis (2) - tooth

Reptilia (reptiles)
Pterosauria (flying reptiles)

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Provenience: Morocco (Taouz - Tegana Formation)
Geological Era: Early Cretaceous (Albian)
Age: 105 million of years
Measure: cm 2.3

Price: 39,39 $

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pterosaur tooth, flying reptile, cm 2.3.

Siroccopteryx moroccensis is an extinct flying reptile belonging to the Pterosaurs (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea, Anhangueridae), lived at the end of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian, about 105 million years ago). Its fossil remains have been found in Morocco.
 Its name means "wing of the Sirocco", with reference to the hot wind that originates from North Africa and blows across the Mediterranean. This pterosaur is known only to the front of a jaw with teeth. However, by comparison of the remainswith those, the most complete,  to other similar animals, it was possible to assume the appearance of this reptile. The snout was long and narrow, with one end enlarged and very massive, with a sort of front fairing higher than that present in Anhanguera but lower than that of Coloborhynchus. The sharp teeth were shorter and more robust than those of Anhanguera. The wingspan of this big pterosaur had to be of a few meters; it is likely that this animal plied the skies, and ventured upon the seas, off the African coast, to spear the fish and other prey that moved on the surface. The bones of the jaw of the only known example bear the marks of strange wrinkles and dimples, perhaps due to an illness; it would likely be confirmed by abscesses in the area of teeth .

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